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Adjust Life Reviews

What Our Patients Say

  • I knew before I left home that I would feel better after my visit to you. I was right!
    - Cindy O.
  • My visit was detailed, comprehensive, and I left feeling hopeful. I learned more about my body and the pain I was experiencing in ways I never understood. I would recommend this office to anyone looking for answers or help with their pain.
    - Lauren K.
  • Very critical when it came to addressing the problems I was having and helping me understand what was going on! Great experience!
    - James R.
  • Great experience and addressed all my issues by listening to me. I appreciated the thoughtfulness going into my treatment.
    - Donavan B.
  • Adjust Life is an amazing service with excellent care, very helpful team members, and superior services. I highly recommend them!!
    - Jane H.
  • Thank you Dr. Joel, your skillset is unique in the local market.
    - George M.
  • Very impressed and amazed by the time and overall assessment completed. I have never had a chiropractor take the time and depth that Dr. Roloff provided. Excited to start working towards feeling better!!
    - Amy T.
  • The doc was great! I ask a lot of questions and he took the time to make sure I understood everything. I was very happy with the treatment and how much better I feel now.
    - Jon G.
  • Loved my experience so far! I felt Dr. Joel took the time to listen, really understood what was going on and how to get me on the right track!
    - Emily S.
  • Wish I wouldn’t have waited so long!
    - Michael D.
  • Overall I was very enlightened and hopeful. I had a very positive experience, and I felt I was in good hands. Thank you so much!
    - Rita K.
  • Will not see any other chiropractor than Joel. I recommend Joel to others.
    - Angelika G.
  • My visit was very positive. I am confident that the doctor can get me back on track!!!
    - Bruce B.
  • Top notch care, from a top notch chiropractor.
    - Jackson F.
  • I was hesitant to see a chiropractor but after the first visit, I was disappointed that I waited so long to go. I felt better after the first visit.

    - Evelyn V.

I Can't Believe My Paid Subsided Greatly

Dr. Joel knows his stuff! It isn't the typical "come in and get adjusted" experience. He diagnoses why your body is or isn't moving how it should and then prescribes certain exercises to strengthen that area. I thought as a middle-aged man that I would just have these aches and pains. Now, I can't believe my pains have subsided greatly and can walk without that old man swagger.

-Troy G.

Much More Confident in My Diagnosis

Dr. Joel was the second chiropractor that I had been to for the same issue. After just my first visit with Dr. Joel I felt much more confident in my diagnosis than going for a couple weeks to another doctor. I appreciated that Dr. Joel took the time to explain why my body was feeling the way it was and why he was doing and recommending the things he was.

-Joe M.

I Am Confident To See Additional Improvement

For years, I consistently needed adjustments every two weeks to reduce pain. My first appointment with Dr. Joel not only included an adjustment but take-home exercises to address the source of my pain. Within a month, I noticed my adjustments seem to "last longer;" when in reality, I was provided the tools to help prevent the need for frequent adjustments. I am confident I will continue to see additional improvement.

-Kim G.